When you start building your financial foundation, it can help to hear different perspectives about personal finance. Not only can the stories of others inspire you to succeed but also teach you value ways to avoid common pitfalls. With that, the top personal finance podcasts are the perfect way to find out more about this critical topic. You can enjoy the financial stories of others on your morning commute. 

Of course, there are dozens of podcasts dedicated to personal finance. But I’ve pulled out the very best to help you get the most bang for your listening time. 

With that, let’s take a closer look at some of the top personal finance podcasts. 

Top Personal Finance Podcasts

Depending on where you are on your personal finance journey, different podcasts might excite you. Don’t be afraid to listen to something new. You never know what you might discover on a good podcast. 

Without further ado, here are the top personal finance podcasts that you should consider listening to. 

So Money

So Money is hosted by Farnoosh Torabi. As a well known money expert and personal finance author, Farnoosh offers a unique take on all personal finance topics. If you are looking for a fun spin on traditional personal finance topics, then So Money is worth checking out. 

You can find episodes on almost any topic with a tone that will connect with a wide range of audiences. Whether you are just starting your journey or looking to fine tune your finances, So Money offers a new take. 

InvestED Podcast

InvestED is hosted by a father and daughter team, Phil Town and Danielle Town. Within this podcast, you’ll get a closer look at the ins and outs of the stock market. If you want to learn more about the nitty gritty of the market, then InvestED offers a great opportunity to learn more. 

We Study Billionaires

Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen take the mic as hosts of the We Study Billionaires podcast. As the name suggests, the hosts comb through the investing practices of well known billionaires. 

Of course, Warren Buffett is on the list of the billionaires examined. If you are curious about how billionaires tick, then this podcast is for you.


ChooseFI offers a practical look at the FIRE, Financial Independence Retire Early, movement. Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa started the podcast as a way to showcase experiments in FIRE. But over time, the show has grown to cultivate a community of FIRE enthusiasts. 

You can find inspiration and hard numbers about the pursuit of FIRE with these knowledgeable hosts as your guide. Many of the guests on the show have reached FI. But others are still on the path to share useful tips they’ve found along the way. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is not strictly a personal finance podcast. But it dives into the details of what makes an entrepreneur successful. Building a business is a great way to build wealth. With that, this show offers useful insights for anyone cleaning up their financial picture. 

Ferriss may be best known for The 4-Hour Workweek that offers a radically different look at the workweek. With an intentional strategy to building a lifestyle to minimize work, you can find useful tips from the book and the podcast. 

Financial Independence Podcast with Mad Fientist

The Mad Fientist, Brandon, takes a close look at the numbers of financial independence. With this podcast, you can explore the math of financial independence and early retirement in great detail. If you want to make the numbers work and like a data driven approach, then The Mad Fientist is worth tuning into.

top personal finance podcastsHerMoney

HerMoney is hosted by a well known personal finance author and journalist, Jean Chatzky. The podcast’s focus is to examine the specific challenges that women face in terms of personal finances. Throughout the show, you’ll hear this award-winning author dissect the problems that women are faced with in the world of personal finance. 

If you are a woman that wants to get her finances on the right track, Chatzky offers the right amount of honest and useful information to inspire you. You’ll find tips on how to successfully manage your career and wealth as you move through the world. 

Mo’ Money 

Mo’ Money is another podcast that is zeroed in on the problems that women face while building wealth today. Specifically, the Mo’ Money podcast focuses on the challenges that millennial women are facing today. You’ll find practical advice on how to overcome these challenges with Jessica Moorhouse and her guests. 

The Dave Ramsey Show

If you have spent any amount of time considering how you will get out of debt, you’ve likely run into Dave Ramsey’s teachings. The personal finance expert is known for his baby step approach to tackling your debt head on. 

In his podcast, the Dave Ramsey Show, you’ll find his thoughts on investing, debt, and all things personal finance. He offers a no-nonsense guide to creating a bright financial future. 

Couple Money

If you have a significant other, then you realize the importance of working together when it comes to personal finances. Without the buy-in and effort of both parties, it can be almost impossible to make headway towards shared financial goals. 

With that in mind, Couple Money offers an important perspective on working through personal finance decisions as a team. The goal of the podcast is to help you navigate through difficult conversations and financial turning points without putting a strain on your relationship. 

These podcasts are a quick twenty minutes. You will walk away with actionable advice to move your money conversations forward with your partner. 

How to Money

The How to Money hosts, Joel and Matt, work together to help listeners find more ways to create ‘rich living on less money.’ The laid back nature of these hosts can help you feel more at ease as you consider new possibilities for your budget. 

top personal finance podcasts FI
Afford Anything

Afford Anything is hosted by Paula Pant who believes that ‘you can afford anything, but not everything.’ The podcast dives into personal finance choices that highlight the choices we have when making decisions about personal finance. 

Pant pushes you to think about what you truly want out of your life and your money. Once you know what you want, she encourages you to make financial decisions that move the needle toward that dream life. 

Side Hustle Nation

When you are on the path to financial independence or any money goal, the power of a side hustle cannot be understated. You can completely transform your financial trajectory with the value of a side hustle. Side Hustle Nation is a great way to explore your options. 

Nick Loper interviews side hustle success stories from all walks of life. If you are considering a side hustle, then this is the perfect podcast for you. You can hear the ups and downs of a side hustle before taking action. With a better understanding of the hustle, you can be prepared for what comes your way. 

Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters strives to cut through the red tape of personal finance. The hosts work to bring you content that allows you to work smarter instead of harder when it comes to your personal finances. 

Beyond Finances

Beyond Finances takes a deeper look at money. Instead of covering the basics, this podcast dives into the effects that money can have on your life. With a real awareness of how money can impact your lifestyle, personal finances becomes more real. 

The hosts, Eric Roberge and Kali Roberge, share strategies on how to build lasting wealth. 

Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition is hosted by Tiffany Aliche, the Budgetnista, and Mandi Woodruff from LendingTree. The powerful pair works together to tackle real money issues that have an impact on the world around us. You’ll find personal finance help and career advice in a conversational format. 

This podcast takes a close look at the issues facing people of color throughout the financial system. If you want to better understand the issues of the day, this is a very informative choice. 

Women and Money

Women and Money by Suze Orman offers practical advice for women building investment portfolios. If you are saving for retirement, then Orman offers solid advice for any woman looking to solidify their financial future. 

Not only will Orman discuss the details of building your savings, but also strategies to keep your emotions under control while making financial decisions. 

The House Hacking Podcast

House hacking is a useful strategy that can transform your financial future. The goal of house hacking is to eliminate housing costs from your life. Depending on where you live, house hacking could save you thousands of dollars each month!

The House Hacking Podcast is dedicated to helping listeners create their own house hacking success stories. The host, FIbyREI’s very own Andrew Kerr, interviews helpful guests to illuminate the power of this lifestyle strategy.You’ll find inspirational stories and practical advice to help you start house hacking. 

The bottom line

Podcasts are a great way to learn new information in a digestible format. If you are looking to learn more about personal finance, then listening to a new podcast could be the perfect way to broaden your horizons. 

Start building your financial foundation today by choosing a topic to learn more about. For example, house hacking can be a financially life changing strategy. Why not take the time to listen to an inspirational podcast that could allow you to dramatically change your finances for the better?