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Welcome to the home of “The House Hacking Podcast”

Welcome to the home of The House Hacking Podcast, the show dedicated exclusively to house hacking. Whether you want to have extra money in your budget to pay down debt, to get ahead financially or to learn about real estate investing, there is no better place to get started than House Hacking.

The idea of house hacking is very simple. It is to reduce or eliminate your housing costs by being creative with your housing choices. 

Who is The House Hacking Podcast for?

This show was really designed for two sets of individuals. The first is for the person that wants to learn about real estate investing. If this is you, you’ll get to learn about the wonderful niche of house hacking.

The second set of individuals that this show was made for is those that are interested in improving their financial situation. By learning and doing a successful house hack, you can rapidly accelerate your ability to achieve financial independence.

Who will be on The House Hacking Podcast?

The show will interview individuals from all walks of life that have done a house hack. You will learn from their real life experiences. We will also have on industry experts to help you understand the house hacking process from start to finish.

If you need a primer on what is house hacking, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to House Hacking.

Season One of The House Hacking Podcast:

We are really excited for the launch of season one of “The House Hacking Podcast” on December 30th, 2019. Season one will cover 20 house hacking case studies of house hackers from North America to the UK and all the way to Dubai. You will get to learn from their successes and failures, hear about their ups and downs, and if they would do another house hack. 

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You can listen to the trailer for season one of The House Hacking Podcast here:

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