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Andrew Kerr is the founder of Financial Independence by Real Estate Investing or @FIbyREI. He is a real estate investor, serial house hacker, nonprofit director, and world traveler.


Andrew Kerr, the founder of, is a seasoned real estate investor and nonprofit director. With his successes in real estate, he decided to share his experiences in his podcast, The House Hacking Podcast. 

Andrew worked in residential and small commercial banking for nearly 7 years, but knew that it wasn’t his passion. Because of his financial success in real estate investing, he was able to pursue his true passions — nonprofit work and traveling the world.


Andrew Kerr values others more than himself, and has dedicated his life to helping others through the nonprofit sector. He didn’t come to this realization until he went on a volunteer trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to help those affected by flooding. After this, Andrew decided it was time for a change.

Before these efforts towards nonprofit work, Andrew worked in residential and small commercial banking for about 7 years. While he was making a solid income, he wasn’t satisfied with his job, boss or his commute. To escape the corporate rat race, he decided to begin real estate investing with his first house hack. Once he discovered the power of house hacking, he began to double-down in the art of real estate investing. 

These efforts scaled over the years to nearly 40 units in 2016. Once he reached 40, he began selling off some of the properties. He is now sitting with six units between his third house hack and fourth house hack. But having that many properties has not come without their fair share of memorable stories including 20+ evictions, two property fires, and two 1031 exchanges (one that was a fail).

He has used real estate to build long term wealth so he can focus on doing meaningful work he enjoys. Because of his success in real estate investing, he has been able to focus his efforts on the nonprofit sector. He has scaled two small nonprofits to over $1M a year in revenue/donations, and is working towards a goal of raising $25M for charity.

He now spends his time with his wife in New Orleans, raising money for nonprofit organizations, helping educate readers and listeners about the power of Real Estate Investing to achieve Financial Independence, and traveling the world.

Favorite quote: “Living is Giving“ – Tony Robbins

Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite comfort food: Pasta 

Favorite travel destination: Italy

Bucket list item that you I haven’t accomplished yet: Join the Traveler’s Century Club

Favorite Podcast: Choose FI

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Real Estate Investing

Andrew bought his first home at 20 years old. Since then he has been investing through the Great Recession in 2007/2008 and the Global COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. Over his time of investing he has bought homes, sold homes, done flips, built a long term rental portfolio of 40 units, completed 1031 exchanges, raised private capital, done joint ventures, and invested in real estate syndications.

House Hacking

Andrew did his first house hack at the young age of 20. Andrew is now working on his fourth house hack. He is well versed in all things house hacking from the different styles of house hacking, tenant bases you can market to, self managing properties, and selling your house hack. In fact, he is the host of The House Hacking Podcast, where he speaks with guests about their successes with house hacking.

Travel Rewards

Over his life, Andrew has accumulated and redeemed over three million reward points. Some of his favorite award redemptions have been flying business class on Qatar Airlines Q-Suites to the Middle East, or staying at the Rome Cavalieri-Waldorf Astoria. 

Andrew makes a great guest to talk about credit card rewards, how to meet minimum spending requirements, how to pair real estate investing with travel rewards, and how best to maximize redeeming your points and miles. He currently holds elite status with American Airlines, Hilton Hotels, and Marriott Hotels.

Personal Finance

Andrew has been working tirelessly to grow his net worth since the age of 20. Not to become ultra-rich, but to provide financial freedom for himself and his wife to do things in life they enjoy doing. 

He is well versed in personal finance strategy, outside of living on rice and beans for years on end. From maximizing retirement accounts to reducing monthly expenses, Andrew is passionate to help people grow their net worth to live a more joyous life.

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As Andrew is the host of The House Hacking Podcast, he has a full high end audio and visual setup ensuring he will make a great guest for your show. 

Sound – Sennheiser G4 Lav Mic & Rode Procaster Mic      Video – Canon EOS R with a Sigma 20mm F/1.4 Art Lens Lighting – Aputure LS 120d ii and (3) LS Mini      Production – Rode RODECaster Pro & Adobe Suite