If you know how to drive traffic then there are infinite ways to be able to make money. The hardest part of internet marketing is getting traffic. Once you do it, then finding offers to drive the traffic to is very easy.

Take this traffic-driving talent and send those offers to Bitcoin affiliate offers and you can see yourself making quite a bit of money. The price of Bitcoin has been increasing steadily since the big crash in early 2018. With the uncertainty in the global economy at the moment, expect it to rise further as people try to protect their money.

There are many generous affiliates offers out there so the blockchain is one of the best ways to make money off of affiliate marketing at the moment.

In this article, I will go over several ways that you can take advantage and make money with your marketing skills.


Research, research, research

 Things get difficult as a marketer in this niche because it is very saturated. Does that mean it is impossible to create a brand around Bitcoin? No, it just means that you have to look for the small cracks to use to get started.

You will need some very good research skills to find those opportunities. The fact that it does have so much competition means that there is plenty of money to be made in that area. When your research pays off, it will mean that you will also get a piece of that pie.

Look for long tail keywords that people are searching for that don’t have good results in search. People have a lot of questions and some of them are not being answered. If you can find those questions and answer them better than other sites, then you will find your traffic grows.

People will trust your opinion and come to you for the information they are looking for.


Write a blog

Take all of that information that you gleaned from your research and use it to write informative blog posts. Once again, write about topics that not many others are covering but new traders will want to know.

Once your posts about these more obscure questions pick up steam, then your blog will have more authority later. Once your blog has authority in Google’s eyes, then more competitive terms can be written about and you have a shot at ranking.

Make sure that every post is monetized so work in links to offers to buy Bitcoin or sign up for a Bitcoin wallet so you can always be able to receive a commission off of every post you write.


Use social media

Branding is very important for this topic. Once again, trust is required for people to want to go to your offer and then convert.

Using social media can solidify your brand as a trusted name within the Bitcoin sphere. Just like with researching for the search engines, you need to use the same research to find what people are looking for. On Instagram, you’ll need to find relevant hashtags that don’t have millions of posts.

Make sure to go where the people who use cryptocurrency are hanging out. Find out what the key demographics are. How old are they? What are their other interests? These things are important to know because each social media platform caters to a certain demographic.

For instance, you’re probably wasting your time if you focus on Pinterest. The average age is probably a little older than the typical person who uses Bitcoin and leans female. Facebook is becoming the place for an older demographic that probably doesn’t use it much either.

Instead, think about Instagram as I mentioned. And keep an eye out for the newest social media platform to come out as young users are usually the first to give it a shot.


Develop a brand with video

YouTube is a great way to become an authority on just about any subject. If you can create engaging and informative videos that answer any questions a new trader has, then you will become their preferred source for information.

This will help you develop into a brand. Your videos should be consistent and clearly recognizable by viewers. Have a good logo and a certain look that you develop through a series of videos so people know right away that it is one of yours.

Once again, research is crucial when it comes to finding your audience on YouTube. Though there is less competition there than on Google for a blog, there are still a lot of authoritative channels that you will be competing with.

Make sure that you are only creating videos that you think are useful and help to answer questions. Otherwise, your videos won’t be watched and that will hurt you in the algorithm. If you already have a blog that is gaining some traction, then make videos based on the popular blog posts and focus on what people are saying in the comments.

You can also ask people on your blog what type of videos they may think would be helpful and go from there.


Create a good landing page

This is where the traffic becomes money. People should be coming in and landing on your page where you give them a free offer. The key is to get people onto your email list. Give them a free eBook about investing in Bitcoin, for example, in exchange for their email address.

Once they are on your list, then you can market directly to them and send them to an affiliate page or even to buy your own product. Maybe you have a masterclass on blockchain programming or a book that they can buy.

Whatever the offer, it is your landing page that is going to help get them to it.

It should be very direct and not have a lot of other information on the page beside the offer. Don’t have a menu for the rest of the blog if you have one as you don’t want to entice people to do anything besides sign up for the free offer.


Create an email list

Your list is one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign. People have signed up because they like what you have to offer and have volunteered to be marketed to.

Since Bitcoin news is constantly evolving, this is a good chance to keep your audience informed of any new information that they need. They will appreciate the fact that you are helping them out and not just looking to have them buy something.

If you have a daily email that you send out with news, or tips and tricks, or other helpful information, then don’t send out an offer for at least seven or eight days.

If you do a weekly newsletter then go for three of four before you ask them to check out an offer. This is a good opportunity to let people know when it’s a good time to buy, so if something extraordinary comes up, then go ahead and send it even if it isn’t on the schedule.


Start a masterclass

Teaching your expertise for profit is all the rage these days. From woodworkers to barbers, there is somebody who is creating a class to be able to teach others how to do it themselves.

Since cryptocurrency can be very complicated for somebody not very familiar, you can use your expertise to help people use it and profit from it themselves.

This is where all of your marketing efforts to make money off of Bitcoin will come together. Instead of sending people off to an affiliate offer and being happy with a percentage of the profit, you can make all of the profit yourself.

The most important aspect of how you market your masterclass is to focus on the result and not the course. People are going to buy the course for what it can do for them so you have to be clear what the benefits are for them. Give people a sort of before and after picture of what they will receive when they finish the course.

Will they be able to become a day trader and understand how the process works with actionable tips? Or, will they be able to learn how to use the blockchain for the development of their own app or software? Don’t just promise riches through your course. Promise knowledge that they can use to be successful.



There are still a lot of opportunities to be able to make money from Bitcoin as a marketer, but it is not going to be easy. Expect to put in a couple of years’ worth of work to make something like this happen.

If you are very passionate about Bitcoin and are a good teacher then you are predisposed to making it work out for you long term. Just keep plugging away and persevere and one day you will forget about the hard work you put in.