Real estate investors can be hard to shop for. But finding the perfect Christmas gift can be easier with the input of seasoned real estate investors. Luckily, we have the information you need to make your real estate investor’s Christmas dreams come true. 

Let’s take a closer look at the best Christmas gifts for a real estate investor. 

Ready to find the perfect gift? Take a look at our comprehensive list of top gifts for real estate investors below.

Collapsible Wheel

When considering a property purchase, many real estate investors like to double check the listed dimensions. Sometimes the dimensions on the listing aren’t accurate, which could lead to confusion down the line. With that, many real estate investors choose to measure the outside of a building and the property lines with their own equipment. 

That’s where your gift of a collapsible wheel can come in handy. The real estate investor can quickly measure the boundaries of the building or the property before moving forward. 


Laser measure

The interior dimensions of a property are equally important. Many real estate investors will take the time to measure out the inside. This process can be completed efficiently with the help of a laser measure. 

You can share the gift of accurate and efficient interior measurements with this laser measure.

Measuring tape

In the same theme of measuring properties, many real estate investors need the help of a small measuring tape projects to update the property. A small measuring tape attaching to a keychain can be a helpful gift for your favorite real estate investor.

MileIQ subscription

Most real estate investors use their personal vehicles to manage their properties. If they do, there could be a tax write off opportunity. However, many real estate investors are unable to track this potential write off efficiently. 

With the gift of a MileIQ subscription, your friend can easily track their mileage. Through the help of automatic mileage tracking, their business could see significant savings.

Educational material

Many successful real estate investors are constantly working to improve their knowledge base to manage their assets most effectively. With that, many would love to receive books to help them learn more about real estate. 

James Watson, Owner of Omaha Homes for Cash, recommends Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and One Thing by Gary Keller.


Battery case

With the on-the-go nature of real estate investing, a dead phone battery is a sure-fire way to ruin the day of any real estate investor. However, the help of a battery case for their phone could be the lifesaver they didn’t know they needed. 

Most phones have battery cases available. Check to confirm what kind of phone your friend has before making the purchase. Look for a case that will maximize their battery life and allow them to complete their busy day as a real estate investor.


A powerful flashlight can come in handy as a real estate investor during inspections and power outages. I would recommend gifting a small portable flashlight. But make sure that the beam is strong enough to be effective.

Portable speaker

In some cases, your real estate investor may be stuck at a property while making necessary repairs. These handyman outings can get boring without the help of music or podcasts to pass the time. With that, a portable speaker with a long battery life can make all the difference.

Portable file box

Real estate investors are often on the go. But they also need copious amounts of paperwork to close a deal. With that, a portable file box is a practical gift. Look for a small watertight file box that could easily fit in the car.

The bottom line

It is possible to find the perfect gift for the real estate investor in your life. Although your gift may be on the practical side, that’s exactly what they are hoping for! They’ll smile when they use your gift to run their business more efficiently.