With the Christmas season approaching quickly, finding the right gifts can help you prepare for the upcoming festivities. If you are shopping for someone interested in their personal finances, the right gift should be unique. 

Let’s explore the best Christmas gifts for personal finance people today! 

Luckily, we’ve gathered the best suggestions from personal finance bloggers. You’ll find that perfect gift in no time.

A book with a personal finance theme

What personal finance follower wouldn’t want to read more about personal finance? Luckily, there is no shortage of interesting personal finance books. 

Steven Donovan, from Even Steven Money, recommends gifting The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness by Morgan Housel. The recent release is one that any personal finance nerd would love to add to their collection. 

Barbara A Friedberg, financial expert and owner of Robo-Advisor Pros, shares two other worthy titles: A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel and The Elements of Investing by Charles Ellis and Burton Malkiel. 

gifts for money nerds

Stock in a company

Any personal finance person would be thrilled to receive stock as a present. Any gifts of stock can be incorporated into their own portfolio as they pursue financial goals. 

Chuck Jaffe, the host of Money Life, shares that gifting stock is easier thanks to the introduction of dollar-based investing in purchasing fractional shares. You can give a gift that has the potential to grow.

A budgeting subscription

Anyone interested in personal finance knows the importance of a budget. In many cases, efficiently managing our budgets is a top priority. With that, a subscription to a budgeting product, like You Need a Budget, could be the perfect fit. 

Jarek, from Time In The Market, recommends this as the perfect gift for someone looking to track their expenses easily.

A gift card to their favorite store

Jonathan, from The Joney Talks Podcast, recommends gift cards as a solid option for personal finance people. An Amazon gift card could be a good option since they are likely to find anything they need there.



An experience

In some cases, personal finance enthusiasts put off purchasing experiences they would enjoy. With that, you can jump in and gift them an experience they are sure to enjoy. 

Tom Black, owner of This Online World, shares, “This could be something as simple as renting an Airbnb up in cottage country to getting them a month-long pass for an online Masterclass in a subject they're interested in. Whatever the case, think about something that would bring a smile to their face and put in the planning to make it happen.”

Although the world looks a little different, you can get creative to provide your personal finance friend an enjoyable experience. For example, you could send a spa day package to provide a relaxing experience or send a cake decorating kit to inspire a holiday hobby.

A notebook

Everyone needs a place to gather their thoughts on paper – and personal finance people are not an exception. A notebook can be a helpful way for any personal finance enthusiast to plan out their money goals. 

Sarah, personal finance blogger behind Adventurous Adulting, recommends picking out a fun notebook that reflects your friend’s personality. Whether they are just starting their journey or are seasoned financial pros, they likely have room in their life for the perfect notebook.

Personal finance board games

The world of board games is filled with niches that could entertain anyone. Luckily, there are several personal finance board games available. You could gift your friend a fun game, like Monopoly or Payday

If you want to make sure your gift receives a smile, then offer to play the game. It can be the perfect way to make your gift extra special.

A magic 8 ball

Predicting the future of the market is never a good idea. But many personal finance people enjoy making a guess. The help of a magic 8 ball could put a new spin on their prediction fun.

A piggy bank

Saving coins may not be as common, thanks to our plastic currency options. But we still need a place for coins occasionally. With that, a piggy bank could be the perfect gift

If you know that your friend is a regular saver of coins, you may want to upgrade to a coin rolling machine. Instead of dumping out their piggy bank, a coin rolling machine can neatly collect their coins in rolls that can be quickly deposited at the bank.

The bottom line

It is possible to find the perfect gift for the personal finance buff in your life. Take a few minutes to review the best options and move forward with the best gift for your favorite personal finance person. 

Remember, it’s the thought that counts! Your friend will be delighted that you went through the effort to find a gift that suits their interests.